A ‘Digital Marketing Channel’ Focussed on Local or Store-Specific Customers

Targeted, Local Customer Marketing, at the Point of Decision!

As the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry continues to move toward the efficiency of Digital Menu Boards, the costs are decreasing while the impact of localised marketing is increasing. Return on investment is top of any QSR owner’s mind – by focussing on Local Store Marketing (LSM) – positive ROI is a certainty. The reality is: uniform content displayed across a widely varying geographic or demographic does not focus on the actual customer at that store and does not present an opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell; the LSM screen focusses on talking to the right customer at the right time.

LSM Screen Benefits

Increase Sales

Increase sales volume of selected products, through analysis and trend marketing.

Reduce Costs

Decrease unnecessary expenditure and time spent on print.

Flexible Offerings

Flexible and dynamic marketing channel per demographic and store category.

Eliminate Missed Opportunities

Reduce missed revenue opportunities by proactive, store-specific marketing.

AIM - Agile Intelligent Menus

Quick Service Restaurant locations, whether in shopping centres, malls or as stand-alone restaurants, are built as the Brand has identified a market and a need for the product. Restaurant floorplans are designed to meet customer expectations and facilitate fast service of their favourite product.

Restaurant owners and operators know this by analysing data in a specific area and conducting market research to ensure they are opening an outlet in the right area for the right target market.

Digital advertising should be based on the same principles

A digital advert should be built based on the historic sales data received and analysed for the specific outlet, or if a new outlet, based on restaurants with similar client profiles. However, the modern shopper is mobile and buying patterns are changeable. Digital signage needs to keep up with the change.


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